TOR on VirtualBox – Not As Safe As I Thought

I have the TOR browser on my iMac and use it frequently when I want to browse anonymously. A few days ago I downloaded the Debian / Linux Tails LiveCD and set up a “LiveCD VM” on VirtualBox. I received the following message about running Tails on a VM (see main photo).

It really caught me off guard. I assumed it would popup and say “you’re running Tails in a Virtual Machine. That’s Awesome!” But instead I received a TOR Security Warning.

The first point brought up the fact that someone could have installed a key-logger on my host computer (my iMac) and could see what I was physically typing on my keyboard. They wouldn’t see what my browsing history is, but they would see what my typing history is.

The second point was that the virtual software (VirtualBox in my case) may keep a log of activity history. These are called Snapshots.If you don’t want your history to be tracked & monitored, that would defeat the point.

Both of these are not REAL concerns for me since I’m running the Live VM on my personal iMac. And besides, I was just testing it out. I thought I would be adding a different layer of protection since all the activity was ‘pocketed’ in a way but instead it exposed some flaws I hadn’t realized.

So, I may just stick to using the TOR Browser on my iMac and use Tails on a bootable USB stick or burn it to a LiveCD. Maybe that helped someone wanting to browse anonymously.

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